1 SmartBalancer Eco Standard

Execution, technical data and basic extent of delivery,
according to brochure RP1084e existing of:

Instrument with rechargeable battery
Protective cover for LCD
Chager (90...240 V, 50/60 Hz);
International plugs
2 acceleration sensors (100 mV/g)
1 optical reference pickup (Class A laser)
2 reare earth magnetic bases for vibration sensors
1 straight probe for handheld measurements
2 connection cables for sensors (2 m)
2 extension cables for sensors (5 m)
1 connection cable for optical sensor (1.8 m)
1 extension cable for optical sensor (5 m)
Magnetic stand for optical sensor
Manual on USB stick
Soft carrying case
Self adhesive reflecting tape

Price: US$ 5499.00 Excluding Taxes

1 Calibration of SmartBalancer Eco - optional

Calibration of the 2 measuring channels at frequency range 10 Hz to 01 kHz at Schenck India facilities (Delivery time 3-4 weeks).

Price: US$ 350.00 Excluding Taxes

Additional Charges for calibration of measuring channels at frequency range 02 Hz to 01 kHz. 

Price: US$ 180.00 Excluding Taxes


1 extension cable AS - optional

for acceleration sensor, 5 m long

Price: US$ 80.00 Excluding Taxes

1 extension cable LS - optional

for laser optical reference sensor, 5 m long

Price: US$ 160.00 Excluding Taxes

1 Set of magnets for acceleration sensor - optional

Price: US$ 60.00 Excluding Taxes

1 Pocket scale - optional

weighing range300 g
read out0.1 g

Price: US$ 150.00 Excluding Taxes

1 kg Balancing plasticine - optional

Price: US$ 30.00 Excluding Taxes


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