At the heart of field balancing

Easy, Fast, Accurate, Reliable

Schenck, with proven track records of over 110 years in Balancing and Vibration Monitoring has come up with a new Portable Field Balancer “SmartBalancer Eco”. This offers customers valuable service for Field Balancing and is ideally suitable for commissioning, service and maintenance of machines & systems.                                                

Smart Touch Screen user interface, clear, brightcolor display in compact, lightweight module, ideal for reliable & operator friendly measurements.

Result of Fault Diagnostics Statistics : Avoid Unbalance…

Alarming high rates of failures, over 50% are caused by unbalances in the rotors resulting in mechanical vibrations, leading to premature bearing failures, shaft deformation etc. Such unbalances can be easily diagnosed as well as corrected with the help of “SmartBalancer Eco”.


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